Professional Background

Joel has 9+ years experience in: logo design, graphic design, web design, user interface design, typography, advertising, marketing, SEO, social media, and commercial print.

Joel’s design principles are clean, minimal and straight to the point. Borrowing from Paul Rand, Dieter Rams, and other designers who lean more on form versus function than gaudy and loud imagery and graphics while still being pleasing to the eye. Drawing inspiration from 50’s and 60’s black and white advertising and movie credits along with letterpress style logos.

Personal Background

Along with being an absolute nerd for typography (actually watched and <3 Helvetica documentary) Joel enjoys painting abstract art, yoga, softball, and the obligatory music, books, and movies.

The Blog

This is an avenue for me to not only showcase some of my best work but also share ideas and inspirations as well as talk about things relating to tech, design, and the aesthetic space the eye wanders through.

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If you want to see a REALLY old version of my site I did back in 2007-08 click here. Be warned however its Flash, because that was cool then & introduced me to code via Actionscript 2