My Logo

My Personal Logo/Identity

This is my personal logo. This believe it or not took several years to develop/transition into. The rainbow double block version echoes back to my love of abstract art and with the RGB colors from a distance blends together to form Black. When I did this it reminded me of a quote I heard a long time ago: “A designer can not have a favorite color”. Before that I had tremendous amounts of trouble finding a nice combination of the letters “J” and “D” they all looked off in some way. This was also a nice play on a bar chart showing growth.


The second version was actually an accident when I had first started making my own site for the first time trying to postion my name correctly inside of it. After that it also dictated the design of my site having a black bar going across like a piece of electrical tape, or something… I can’t remember, but I knew I liked it and it has stuck and I haven’t gotten tired of it or found it either to feel “outdated”.

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